Project 52, week 10: Through the Eyes Of. This is what I imagine an anchorman (news presenter) would see if they’d be able to look through the camera and auto cue into our living rooms. Bored couch potatoes.
This shot took a lot more work than meets the eye. Firstly, the camera had it’s back to the wall (located where my TV usually is), so I had to hook up my TV as a live view monitor to see what I was doing. Secondly, I couldn’t get the lighting right because I didn’t have enough room, nor the right light modifiers. I ended up using two bare flashes, which cast harsh shadows I had to edit out. I had set up a rim light behind the couch, but it had gone into power save when I took the final image..
The shot is composed of several exposures; ambient (no flash), left flash only, right flash only, both flashes with us in the shot. This allowed me to layer the lights to get the effect I was after.

Canon 580EXII @1/64, 70mm, camera right, bare, aimed between subjects
Sigma EF-500 DG Super @1/64, 70mm, camera left, bare, aimed between subjects
Canon triggered with Cactus V5, Sigma as optical slave

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