Angle of View

Project 52, week 45: Angle. I’m a bit late posting this week’s image, since I’ve had to work through about 2200 photos Gerdi and I took in Scotland. While in Scotland, I kind of forgot to make a photo specifically for this theme, so I’ve had to select one that matches the theme only after a bit of explanation. 😉
The word ‘angle’ reminded me of the term angle of view, used to indicate the field of view of lenses. For landscape photography, to make a landscape ‘fit in’ you photo, you usually need an ultra-wide angle (UWA) lens with a large angle of view. Since I don’t have an UWA lens, I stitched this photo together from 8 images that I took at 24mm in portrait orientation, giving me about the same horizontal angle of view as a 16mm lens.

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