In the Army

Another freshman coming out of an inflatable tube during “The Charge of the Bastille”. Near the start of the course, the freshmen had to crawl under a net, where the grass gradually turned into a muck pool because of all the muddy water from a nearby pond that was scooped over the net. Add to this all the water sprayed over the various other obstacles and you can imagine the freshmen and obstacles got pretty muddy during the charge. This guy plainly was one of the later people to come through.

The mud and ‘flash-to-the-face’* gave this photo a look that reminded me of war movies, which I enhanced in Lightroom.

*: I’d like to apologise again to the guy in the photo, since he couldn’t see where he was going for a few meters after I fired my flashgun right into his eyes when taking this photo. I hope you made it safely to the bar and beer at the end of the course, mate!

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