Rainy Day

Project 52, week 32: Garage. This week we had a barbeque and decided to go take some pictures on location before roasting the meat. Due to the weather, we ended up in a parking garage, which turned out to be a pretty good location! I had my car with me, so I decided to take a nice picture of that too. Taken in a single exposure, using 5 flash guns of different brands, triggered using two kinds of triggers. 🙂

Note to self: wash car before photographing it again; that saves a lot of virtual washing in Photoshop!

Setup: Nikon SB-800 @1/16, 35mm, subject left, bare
Canon 430EX @1/4, 24mm, above subject, into ceiling
Canon 580EXII @1/64, 14mm, between front seats, firing up
Nikon SB-600 @1/64, 14mm, on rear seat, firing up
Nikon SB-900 @1/64, 135mm, subject front, bare

All strobes fired using either Cactus V5 or YongNuo triggers (stacked on camera)

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