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Project 52, week 23: Copycat. We came up with this week’s theme when we saw that somebody was copying our Project 52’s themes for his own project (without refering to us). I first thought of recreating an iconic portrait (Einstein, Marilyn Monroe, …), and then of a film poster (Pulp Fiction, The Matrix). What better poster to copy than the one with about a million copies of Agent Smith on it?

A bit more post processing was needed than I initially expected; matching the toning of the initial poster was easy enough (thanks to Phlearn!), but matching the placement of my copies to the ones on the original poster wasn’t!

Canon EX580II @1/8, 24mm, above and in front of subject (slightly off-axis), into 45″ umbrella
Sigma EF-500 DG Super @1/64, 17mm, behind subject, into 5-in-1 white reflector
Canon triggered with Cactus V5, Sigma as optical slave.

The original poster of course is property of Warner Bros.

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