Drip to Be Square

Project 52, week 13: Nerd. I couldn’t think of anything nerdy I would want to photograph (a nerd with big glasses, computers, etc). So I considered some associations and synonyms for the word “nerd”, like “geek”, “dork”, “anorak”, or even the Japanese “otaku”. Two somewhat older synonyms gave me the idea for this photo: “drip” and “square”. They reminded me of Huey Lewis & The News’ song Hip to Be Square. So I grabbed a square vase and did some top-down droplet photography.

Incidentally: I’m at 25% of my project 52!

Canon 580EXII @1/32, 35mm, subject bottom left (on floor), bare (pointed slightly upwards)
Metz 48 AF-1 @1/32, 35mm, subject top left (on floor), bare (pointed slightly upwards)
Sigma EF-500 DG Super @1/128, 105mm, subject right (on box), bare
Canon and Metz triggered with Cactus V5, Sigma as optical slave.

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