Project 52, week 16: Action!. For this theme I wanted to capture fast motion, in a single exposure. My flash gun has a ‘strobe’-mode, in which it fires several times a second. So I set it to 11 Hz and whacked a marble into several others. 🙂

Canon 580EXII @1/64, 50mm, 11Hz, bottom of image, into DIY snoot
Sigma EF-500 DG Super @1/64, 28mm, top of image, into DIY snoot
Canon triggered by Cactus V5, Sigma optically triggered by another flash optically triggered by the Canon (the snoot prevented the Canon from ‘lighting’ the Sigma directly and I couldn’t use a mirror). The snoots were very long and narrow, to try and only light the marbles and not the black cloth.